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below you can hear clips of many of the CDs, buy them from CD baby or click links below the store for further information. 

New Music for a New Oboe (vol.1): Finnissy and Roxburgh. This recording includes the first two works to be completed and recorded for the new Howarth-Redgate oboe. It also includes the new lupophon. The works push the boundaries of the oboe and explore the new territory available on the new instrument.

Greatest Hits of All Time: Finnissy, Redgate,Christopher Fox, James Clarke, Howard Skempton: This recording includes some of the most exciting music being written for the oboe today - it ranges from the sublime to the astoundingly virtuoso and pushes the performers to the limits. Many of the works explore the oboes extended techniques especially the upper range and the multiphonics.

Edwin Roxburgh: Oboe Music: A CD representing Roxburgh's oboe music from the 1960's through to today. It includes music for solo oboe, music for oboe and piano and music for solo oboe and ensemble.

Chamber Music by Brian Ferneyhough: Chamber music by this outstanding composer including two seminal works for oboe: Coloratura and Allgebrah

Oboe+: Berio and Beyond: Oboe+ :Berio and Beyond is a cutting edge contemporary classical music album. This is the most technically challenging oboe music around. The music pushes the oboe to its absolute limits! 

Pasculli: The Paganini of the Oboe: Exciting virtuoso oboe music from the 19th century.

Michael Finnissy: Lost Lands: Including some of Finnissy's most exciting music for oboe.

Plot in Fiction: (Not available on CD baby) This CD includes Luca Francesconi's  - Plot in Fiction for oboe/ coranglais and ensemble