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 Pasculli -
The Paganini of the Oboe
The Performers are:
Christopher Redgate - Oboe
Stephen Robbings - Piano
Suporting Materials:
The Oboe Classics website also includes an article that I have written about learning the music of Pasculli .  

This CD is available from me or from:

Oboe - where you can also hear clips from the CD.
Or from CD baby - where you can also hear clips of the music

It can be downloaded from:
The Music:
All works by Pasculli:

Characteristic Study - Le Api (The Bees)
Grand Concerto on themes from I Vespri Siciliani by Verdi
Fantasia on themes from Les Huguenots by Meyerbeer
Concerto on themes from La Favorita by Donizetti
Fantasia on themes from Poliuto by Donizetti
Press Reviews:
"This is a disc to open the ears of all oboists, and to entertain and astonish less specialist music-lovers."  Anthony Burton, BBC Music Magazine

"The enterprising new label Oboe Classics maintains its highest standards with a sample of the fiendishly difficult music written by Antonino Pasculli, the 19th-century composer-performer
 known as the 'Paganini of the Oboe'. Christopher Redgate needs all his considerable virtuosity  to negotiate the fiendish challenges set by Pasculli on themes from Verdi, Meyerbeer and Donizetti, not to mention the 'characteristic study' Le Api (The Bees). This is fascinating music played with extreme panache." Anthony Holden, Observer

"Christopher Redgate is an oboist who thrives on technical demands, the more extreme the better, and his disc is a remarkable tour de force." Christopher Hooker, Double Reed News 

"This is an incredible CD for everyone who enjoys brilliant performers and performances." Gary Higginson, Classical Music Web