Christopher Redgate Contemporary Oboe Music Specialist
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Christopher Redgate Oboes

Paul Archbold Laptop/ live electronics 

Experiment and exploration are central concepts in our musical activities and in our programme planning.

These concepts are reflected in the performance of seminal works of the repertoire alongside recent or new works and improvisations. The programmes also include works from the solo repertoire of the oboe and also solo improvisations.

The performances explore the relationship between instrument/performer, performer/performer, laptop/ performers and laptop/live instrument. These explorations take place in the context of both the notated works and the improvisations.

The improvisations use not only the conventional sound world of the oboes but seek to explore some of the less conventional performance techniques creating interesting and exciting performances. Our improvisations push not only the virtuoso limits of the performer but also take the instrument to its farthest boundaries. Other layers of boundary exploration take place through the intervention of the possibilities of the laptop.

Programmes and repertoire:

Our programmes can include any or all of the following;

·        Seminal works for the combination – e.g. Holliger’s Cardiophonie

·        Recent works written for us – e.g. Archbold’s ‘...a little night music...’

·        Improvisations – oboes and laptop or solo oboe

·        Works from the contemporary solo oboe repertoire: Finnissy, Redgate,

·        We are constantly seeking new repertoire and so suggestions from concert organisers are welcome

Many of our performances employ Max/MSP of course but a number of works include pre-recorded material on CD etc.

Workshops and master classes:

As well as giving concerts we can offer as part of an event a range of workshops including:

·        Using Max/MSP

·        Performance workshops

·        Composition workshops

·        Improvisation workshops

·        Oboe masterclasses